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Natural decorated marine shell with hearts design


🐚 This adaptable work of shell art can be used as a candle holder, jewelry or trinket dish, as a vessel for incense or as a lovely addition to your tabletop décor. If you would prefer to exhibit your decorated shell instead of using it as a dish, we have clear plastic stands to fit each individual shell. Stands can be ordered separately.

🐚 We only utilize seashells that have naturally washed up on beaches. Their previous occupants have left. We never injure or kill animals in order to obtain their shells.

🐚 Please remember that every shell is different and that a little animal once called it home. 'Imperfections' in the shell are a badge of honor that represent this creature's voyage from the depths to your doorstep. The images are merely illustrations of the patterns.

🐚 All products are limited and unique.

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Natural decorated sea shell | hearts motif

Shell borders
  • 🐚 Decorated shell are waterproof but it is recommended that shells not be immersed in water. To clean please don't use water, wipe gently with a dry cloth.

  • We love nature and its inhabitants so much that we support one of the animal rescue organisations, "Gamtos vaikai" (Children of Nature), by donating a percentage of our sales to it.

Sea Shells

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