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Bastyon is an innovative social network and video sharing platform. Unlike the mainstream social networks, it is not ruled by a company. It is an open source project run by a team of developers and experts, and its scope is to provide a censorship-free platform where the freedom of speech is seriously respected.


The project was created by Daniel Satchkov and is a decentralized social media platform without any central authority. The platform does not run on a single server but on a network of nodes that are located all throughout the world. This means, in practical terms, that users are always able to connect to it, see the content and post as long as they have an internet connection.

In addition, Bastyon grants complete anonymity: users register without any email or phone number and no personal data like the IP or MAC address are stored in any way. By doing so, Bastyon removes the chance for governments to track specific users and to associate an identity to users. Today, anonymity is a requirement for security and privacy and Bastyon is able to guarantee it.

There are many other features and measures Bastyon implements for security, privacy, and more. The main goal of Bastyon is to deliver a completely free, safe, and anonymous social platform where people can chat, communicate, and share contents without the risk of being controlled, limited, or censored by governments or corporations.

Source: Bastyon

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