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Where does my order ship from?

Updated 25th of December, 2023

Orders print and ship from 3rd-party fulfillers worldwide. After you place your order, it's routed to one or more 3rd-party fulfillers based on the delivery location and product types. Then the 3rd-party fulfiller prints and ships on behalf of the independent artist.


Orders with different types of products may come from different printers because they specialize in specific print-on-demand products. This means your order can arrive in separate packages, at different times, and from different countries. However, most 3rd-party fulfillers are in the same region as the delivery address.


All orders ship from one or more of these countries:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Czech Republic

  • France

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • Spain

  • United Kingdom

  • United States of America

Please note:

Not all products can be shipped within the same country or region they are being delivered to. Depending on your country, this can result in being charged customs duties.

Will I get charged customs duties for my order?

Updated October 21, 2022

Customs regulations can vary from country to country and frequently change, sometimes causing delays to your order and occasionally incurring additional charges to be paid by the recipient. While all reasonable steps are taken to comply with world shipping standards, customs duties may apply, or specific items can be prohibited and confiscated by the receiving country.

If you are shopping in the US, Canada, or Australia most items are printed by 3rd-party printers that are located within the same country as the recipient and are therefore not subject to customs charges. Due to the departure of the UK from the European Union (Brexit), customers in Europe may now see new customs charges for some items that are printed and shipped from the UK. 

Where can I have my order delivered to?

Updated November 14, 2022

Orders can be shipped worldwide because they are fulfilled by a global network of 3rd-party printers. Once you place an order, each item is sent to the independent printer closest to you.

Are there any restrictions?
Due to the locations of the printers and international shipping restrictions, orders can't be fulfilled for the following countries:

North Korea

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